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We help you develop a professional Amazon advertising strategy to increase your sales and move your brand forward.


We conduct in-depth market research with the help of our package software to ensure that you use your budget as efficiently as possible for maximum results.


Our Amazon consultants find the right keyword strategy for your products to ensure your Amazon traffic turns into Amazon sales.

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We can assist your organization with the creation, copywriting, and design needed to execute best-in-class A+ content. We can evaluate your content to optimize the mobile journey and A/B test to refine and improve conversion.

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Amazon Management

We take care of your Amazon account and help you develop an effective Amazon marketing strategy as well as optimized content.

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Pirahas is an SPN member and an official Amazon Ads partner.

Pirahas is one of the first agencies to be 100% dedicated to brands' performance on Amazon. Since 2017, we've been leveraging all necessary leverage to write our clients success stories on the platform. 

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Managing Amazon's day-to-day operational complexity is a challenge for the Vendor, and we couldn't run a sponsorship campaign simultaneously. Being able to serenely entrust the Ad's part to experts who have apprehended the specificities of your client is a real plus.

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February 12, 2022


Our brand is the official brand of Harry Potter products. Among thousands of products, from witch dresses to scarves, you've undoubtedly crossed paths with their products already! Before Pirahas, their image on Amazon was negative: British and Italian accounts were blocked from both Marketplaces for administrative reasons.
Therefore, it was impossible for them to market their products in these two highly potential graduate markets.

By using Pirahas' he aimed to increase sales in all pan-European Markets, regain access to the British and Italian markets and devolve the day-to-day management of his accounts: done!


What did we do?

First testing content optimization, Bizon now manages daily CineReplicas sales on Amazon. We have established:

Integration of new products

Content optimization in pan-European markets

Paid visibility campaigns

Support on expeditions

Creation of monthly reports (sales levels / recommendations)


Brand products are available in 5 Marketplaces and translated into 4 languages. In total, more than 65 product pages have been optimized for each. Pirahas' campaigns have generated more than 3 million impressions and thousands of orders for the brand's products.


  • 65 optimized product pages in 4 languages

  • 40 AMS campaigns

  • 5 Marketplace

  • 3000 thousand impressions thanks to campaigns

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