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One of Europe's biggest brands selling sports products.


March 28, 2022


A new advertising model for more sales.


The brand distributes apparel and derivative products of Europe's largest sports clubs throughout France and part of European territory. The brand wanted to increase its monthly sales and go in that direction through a service provider. The brand therefore requested the services of Pirahas!

What did we do?

After analyzing the product catalog, we identified a sponsored advertising strategy that met the brand's goals. The challenge: promoting sales using sponsored ads and maximizing the visibility of the entire catalog while controlling ad spend.

We started by optimizing the product pages. After this initial optimization, we launched self-targeting Sponsored Products campaigns to analyze the data and determine which keywords were most profitable to place their products on. The final step was to manually try these campaigns at higher auctions, resulting in greater ROI.



Sponsored Produts campaigns helped the brand reach its visibility sales targets. The budget allocated to the campaigns was checked and then reduced after the keywords were determined and the campaigns were checked manually. Ultimately, the brand will have tripled its monthly sales.

Key KPIs:


  • Sales multiplied by 3

  • 12 million impressions

  • 100 products featured with +25 campaigns

  • 400 ROAS


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February 12, 2022


Our brand is the official brand of Harry Potter products. Among thousands of products, from witch dresses to scarves, you've undoubtedly crossed paths with their products already! Before Pirahas, their image on Amazon was negative: British and Italian accounts were blocked from both Marketplaces for administrative reasons.
Therefore, it was impossible for them to market their products in these two highly potential graduate markets.

By using Pirahas' he aimed to increase sales in all pan-European Markets, regain access to the British and Italian markets and devolve the day-to-day management of his accounts: done!


What did we do?

First testing content optimization, Bizon now manages daily CineReplicas sales on Amazon. We have established:

Integration of new products

Content optimization in pan-European markets

Paid visibility campaigns

Support on expeditions

Creation of monthly reports (sales levels / recommendations)


Brand products are available in 5 Marketplaces and translated into 4 languages. In total, more than 65 product pages have been optimized for each. Pirahas' campaigns have generated more than 3 million impressions and thousands of orders for the brand's products.


  • 65 optimized product pages in 4 languages

  • 40 AMS campaigns

  • 5 Marketplace

  • 3000 thousand impressions thanks to campaigns


Turkey's famous home decoration company.


August 5, 2021


One of Turkey's first companies in the home decoration sector applied to us to create higher income, increase product visibility, and increase organic sales.

Incorrect search result positions were not recognized by customers due to poor Best Seller Ranking (BSR) and lost customer reviews.

What did we do?

Pirahas performed a comprehensive portfolio analysis after determining the targets with the client. There is a strong need for Product detail page optimization and a clear Sponsored Advertising strategy to measure the customer base.

Everyone knows the difficulties of creating a private label on Amazon. Our popularity comes not from increasing sales of known brands, but from increasing sales of unknown brands. We are happy to be recognized for such works.


We were able to achieve all the defined goals. Revenue increased from a starting point of $3,150 (April 2020) to a monthly average of $51,640 (April-October 2020) - an increase of 1700%. Product detail pages were visited eight times more than before, while the conversion rate increased from 1.8% to 8.7%.

Consumers started to analyze the products in the portfolio, thus building more trust. As products were sold more frequently, BSR increased, making products more visible to users and driving healthy organic sales growth. During the measured period, the customer saw a 1200% increase in organic sales.

Average monthly sales growth in % compared to March (November deviation due to Prime Day)


A global company in the cosmetics industry.


April 16, 2022

What did we do? 

Our brand, which had a good position in physical distribution channels, was included in Amazon as Vendor: Amazon was their only contact.


The brand wanted to expand into a hybrid mode of operation as Vendor for certain references and Seller for others. Called Pirahas to be as profitable as possible at the Vendor and to take advantage of the two models

What did we do?

Initially tested on several product references, Pirahas began managing the entire Brand's Seller catalog.

  • Integration of product references.

  • Redesign and optimization of product pages.

  • Branding advice on Amazon.

  • AMS: creating paid visibility campaigns.

  • Daily management of accounts (stocks, shipments, forecasts).

  • Creation of reports and recommendations (catalogues, files, content, promotions)


Integrated and optimized by 20 reference agencies. These testimonials witnessed 3 visibility campaigns that provided hundreds of thousands of impressions and traffic to brand products.

ACOS is a performance indicator for Amazon Sponsored Products Ads/campaigns. There is no such thing as "good" ACOS, it all depends on the brand's goals: its value here is such that it allows the Brand to increase the visibility of its products while increasing their profitability.

  • 3 AMS campaigns carried out

  • 500K+ impressions achieved

  • 1.3k+ clicks generated

  • 25 ACOS

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